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Poisoned Pen Press Sept 2003, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN 1590580621 When Henry King, former chief of the national security council, moves to Newbury, Connecticut, he buys the Zarega homestead and turns it into a country estate, Fox Trot. Mr. King's land is right where he plan to build a lake. King's next door neighbor, dairy farmer Ron Butler, leases a piece of land that the ex-statesman wants to buy but the two men can't come to any agreement. Kin...
Pride of Royals
It is 1917, the United States is still neutral and Russia is collapsing from within. King George V is desparate to save his cousin Nicholas II from the Russian Revolutionaries, and hires an American naval attache to sneak into Germany with the objective of convincing Kaiser Wilhelm (a mutual cousin of George V and Nicholas II) to help him rescue "Cousin Nicky and his family"..despite the fact that England and Germany are at war!! From Germany, our hero s...