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A Hopeless Case
Jane daSilva will inherit a huge amount of money from her uncle's estate provided that she continues his work at the Foundation for Righting Wrongs. Jane must find a case of injustice which requires investigative skills to correct, bring justice to the person involved, and prove to the estate's trustees that she has done this in the manner her uncle intended. At first, Jane has trouble finding a suitably hopeless case, but then she finds a deserving youn...
Amateur Night
Under the terms of her rich uncle's will, Jane daSilva must solve a hopeless case and bring justice where injustice has been done if she is to receive a very large payment from his estate. The case of Kevin Shea seems to be just the thing. Kevin has been convicted of homicide in a robbery and shooting that he was too stoned to remember. Even his mother believes that he is guilty. After the trial is over, one of the jurors comes to Kevin's lawyer and says...