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Dark Enchantment
Dell, Jan 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0553584219 In 1659 Paris, Sir Jack Marstone rescues the muddied and filthy Catherine de la Fer from assailants. She remembers little of her past, but he provides her a safe haven while she heals at least physically. When she recovers from her injuries, he teaches her how to use a sword and other skills so she can defend herself. However, his kindness and nurturing cannot protect her from the nightmares she suffers fr...
Simone dela Fer must redeem the mistakes of her past by helping the innocent victims of the French Revolution escape the atrocities of the new government. Assassin Michael Corday became her unexpected ally and together they must work to thwart an unseen enemy, whose machinations must be stopped to prevent the bloodshed of the more innocents. In the course of their dangerous mission, Simone found herself falling in love with Michael Corday; but before lo...
The Reluctant Cavalier
Parsifal Wentworth is a quiet young gentleman with a passion for breeding roses—quite the black sheep in an aristocratic family known for being wild. He is also secretly in love with Annabella Smith, daughter of the Wentworths' neighbors. But Parsifal does not have the confidence to make his feelings known to Annabella—until one night, he wears his ancestor's Cavalier outfit to a masquerade ball, and rescues Annabella from an overeager rake. But the...