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A Question of Fire
Catherine Bennett's bad day turns into a real nightmare when a man is shot and dies in her arms. The murder victim stole information from a group of ruthless criminals, and the killer thinks he told Cathy where he hid it before he died. After Cathy is kidnapped, threatened and nearly killed, she decides she'd better find the information before the criminals do. How else is a girl supposed to be able to make a trip to the dry cleaner in peace?...
Shadow of a Doubt
When Detective Liz Ramsey is called out in the middle of the night to investigate the murder of a young woman who may or may not be a prostitute, she recognizes right away that the case could be complicated. There's no obvious motive or suspect in the death.. She doesn't intend to become romantically involved with a witness in the case, but Greg Conyers is too attractive to ignore. The mysterious and reclusive local celebrity lives with his dying moth...
Witch's Journey
ImaJinn, Nov 20002,231pp ISBN: 1893896900 Fearful for her life because she knows the villagers will brutally kill a Calavarian Witch, Jinissa hide her innate skills. Still, when she sees a child in trouble, Jinissa ignoring her elemental flame acts to rescue the lad using witchcraft. The villagers react by shunning Jinissa except for jailing her. At her trail, everyone including the child's father testifies that Jinissa used witchcraft. She is fo...