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Loose Screws
Red Dress, Sep 2002, 12.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0373250197 The son of a Congressman, attorney Greg Munson fails to show up at the altar, jilting Ginger Petrocelli. Greg's family files a missing person report so NYPD investigates. Detective Nick Wojowoski visits Ginger to question her about her vanished fiancÚ, but she offers nothing except a memory. Nick and Ginger shared sex years ago, but though he would like to have another go she would not. G...
Playing for Keeps
Harlequin Silhouette, Oct 2003, 6.50 ISBN: 0373218346 In Albuquerque, thirty-two years old single mom of three preadolescent children Joanna Swan has had it with her childish ex-husband. He fails to pay his share of child support, doesn't always show up for the kids and when he does he is late, and now has impregnated his latest girlfriend. At the mall, Joanna's efforts to sell homemade dolls for collectors fail until her mother drags her into ...