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Behind the Scenes at the Museum
This is the story of Ruby Lennox from the time of her conception in 1951 to 1992. She is the third daughter of a working class couple living in York, England. The novel traces the major events in her life, with emphasis on her childhood and teen years. This is a coming of age story, and the major theme of this novel is the relationship Ruby has with her mother, and how she comes to accept the nature of this relationship. A secondary theme is the patt...
Case Histories
In the beginning a beautiful three year old girl, Olivia Land, who is adored by her mother and doted on by her three older sisters--Julia, Sylvia, and Amelia, is introduced. Olivia disappears and no trace of her is found for over thirty years. Theo Wyre is searching for the killer of his lovely daughter Laura who was murdered in what appears to be a random case of violence. Theo and the Land sisters enlist the aid of Jackson Brody, private investi...
Life After Life
Ursula Todd is an Englishwoman born in 1910 who experiences time as a looping cycle. The book follows a myriad of possible alternatives for Ursula's life path, one after the next. Small changes lead to different outcomes and as they progress Ursula starts to experience strange sensations of deja vu, as the memories of past lives seep through to the next. At the very beginning of the book we see an adult Ursula walk into a bar and shoot Hitler. ...