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The Engagement
Left jilted at the alter, Dr. Virginia Waters managed to survive every bride's nightmare. Now she finds herself anxiously awaiting her wedding to a Mountie policeman, Zack Bullock…her former fiancés' brother! But can she forget the life long crush she had and be happy with this new man? Zack figured marrying Virginia would make up for the humiliation she suffered at the hands of his brother and would take care of the obligation she felt to his...
The Surgeon
Expecting to start a new life and possibly find her brother again, Sarah O'Neil agreed to be a mail order bride, only to be quickly disillusioned by non other than her fiancé. Mountie surgeon, John Calloway, can't believe the prank his fellow Mounties played on both himself and this innocent girl. However when he tries to rectify the situation and get Sarah on a train back home he finds that, marriage or not, she has no intention of leaving. When rumors ...