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Isabeau the Apprentice Witch must travel accross the land to deliver a talisman that will help to free the land from the oppressive rule of Maya. Meanwhile, Isabeau's guardian, Meghan of the Beasts, goes to see the dragons, to find out more about what is happening in the land, meeting Isabeau's twin sister Iseult along the way. When Isabeau does not reach her destination when she should have, Meghan and Iseult go in search of her....
The Fathomless Caves
Roc, Nov 2002, 7.50, 400 pp. ISBN 0451459024 The war with Tirsoilleir is over and its leader has sworn fealty to Lachlan Macquinn, the ruler of Eilenan. On May First on Beltane, the inhabitants are celebrating the pact of peace, a document ensuring that all of mankind and fairy abide by the terms of the treaty. During the merry making, the one race who didn't sign the pact infiltrates the castle and causes a bloodbath. Lachlan swears vengean...