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Crucifix Lane
Annie Jones is leaving a club one night when she is involved in an accident that knocks her unconcious. When she comes to she has been transported eleven years into the future. The environment is recognisable as London but not the London she knows. The Thames is no longer tidal and the area beyond the Thames barier known as the Marsh Projects are inhabited by immigrant refugees. Annie finds herself involved with an organisation known only as the Netw...
The Winter Ghosts
This story takes place after World War I and Freddie, the protagonist, struggles with coming to terms of his brother' death. In April 1933, Freddie Watson finds a translator in Toulouse, France for a document. The translator is named Saurat and he is curious how Freddie recieved an Occitan document since it is rare. Freddie recounts his story, which began 5 years ago. In December 1928, Freddie, originally from London, is on a journey of recovery since...