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When Nevyn was a young man he started a chain of events that would alter the lives of the people closest to him. He then spends hundreds of years and several life-times trying to set things to right. In all this a fight between good and evil is ragging and Nevyn is at the center of it all. ...
Tor, Apr 2003, 27.95, 591 pp. ISBN: 0312890451 Former Kazrak cavalry Captain Idres Warkannan and “high tech sorcerer” Yarl Soutan seek Jezro Khan, the exiled brother of the corrupt ruler of Kazrajistan, to lead a revolt to overthrow the worthless dangerous regime of his sibling. At about the same time, the fanatical Muslim sect The Chosen sends assassin Zayn Hassan to stop Jezro's rumored return. To reach the isolated region where Jezro resid...