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Call Down the Moon
There is no room for romance by the lead character. He is obssesed with marry a girl for her fortune (she doesn't know about it and he found it out unethicaly). He mistakes her for an resident at an insane assylum. She thinks he's crazed to want to marry her for love (he lied and said he fell in love at first sight). The plot thickens with much hilarious misunderstanding. The ending is magnificently presented.... and unexpected....
Lilies On The Lake
LILIES ON THE LAKE Dell, Aug 2001, 6.50 ISBN: 0440236029 In 1835 Alexandria, Egypt, Portia “Pip” Merriem fulfills her life long dream of an Egyptian adventure until her chaperon Isabel admits that she fled England pregnant. Four months later in Luxor, Egypt, Isabel goes into labor. The locals get John Henry Lovell to help with the birthing. John Henry is stunned to see Pip; she is the woman he loves who once rejected his overtures because s...
The Sound of Snow
After the death of her cousin, Joanna returned to England after her self imposed exile to take care of her cousin's son. When she arrives at Wakefield Abbey she finds the little boy silent and locked in his own world with the father her cousin described as unfeeling. Guy de Salis, Marquess of Greaves is shocked to find a woman who looks exactly like his deceased wife on his doorstep. Reluctantly, he allows her to become his son's governess hoping th...