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Bad Moon Rising
Jove, Jun 2003, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0515134872 In New Orleans, former assistant District Attorney J.D. Damascus has never recovered from the murders of his wife and two children. The state fried Angel Gonzales for the crime, but J.D. believes the wrong man was executed. His career is in shambles as he drinks away much of his day, J.D. defends hookers and is considered a disgrace by his politically prominent family. Holly Jones finds J.D.'s p...
Lord Jason Batson, better known as the notorious British spy "Cobra" has a hard mission forced upon him by blackmail. He must assasinate Lord Fontaine (suspected of turning traitor and helping the East Indian Government) or he'll never be able to see the daughter he just found out he had. It's a difficult mission for many reasons. He was friends with Lord Fontaine years back and naturally does not wish to betray him. However, after finding out he has a y...
Pocket, Jan 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0743411986 To spite his odious grandma, Lord Trey Hawthorne is marrying “whore” Edwina Rhodes, who slept with his deceased grandfather. She is a wealthy widow and he needs cash. Trey has never recovered from the betrayal of his beloved Maria Ashton, a commoner nurse who helped him heal when he was ill, but she married someone else. At the ceremony, a woman objects saying that Trey was deceived by his grandma. Mari...