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Into the Path of Gods - Macsen's Treasure 1
INTO THE PATH OF GODS Bardsong, Oct 2001, 22.95, 418 pp. ISBN: 0966037103 During the fifth century AD, the hopes of most of Britain for a better life rest in the whispers of Arthur becoming the High King though some will refuse to cede power and will do anything to insure no one surfaces. However, as each year passes, the hope diminishes as no one steps forth to claim the crown. Needing assistance, Merlin recruits Welsh warrior, Marcus ap Io...
In the Shadow of Dragons - Macsen's Treasure 2
This is an epic tale, taking place before the time of King Arthur, but at a time when his coming was prophesied. It's an enchanting tale of Celtic and Roman Britain, full of intrigue and suspense, adventure and romance, treachery and betrayal. The book revolves around Marcus ap Iorwerth and his wife Claerwen, who suffers from visions of the future, and Myrmidon Emrys (Merlin of the tales). Myrddin was the illegitimate son of the high king and when he ...