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Will Moreland is a psychoanalyst in New York City. He has a lot of problems: a philandering father, a distant wife who refuses to have sex with him in any position where she has to make eye contanct, guilt over the loss of his son, estranged from his Olympic swimming star brother, and he is a sex addict. The opening chapter has Will going to his 25th college reunion where he meets up with an old girlfriend. They start to talk and Will finds out she might...
The Binding Chair or, A Visit from the Foot
This book is about how a woman leaves Chinese society and joins the ex-pat community of Shanghai around the turn of the previous century, going through Russia to France on the way. It's supposed to be about the strange fascination/revulsion of footbinding, and the character's struggle to accept/liberate herself from her mutilation. There are so many characters and switchbacks on plots that it becomes muddled and confused. Literary devices used cloud th...
The Kiss
Kathryn Harrison's memoir, The Kiss, is an excellently written narrative of incest. The time-frame is not one of a young child being molested, but rather that of the author as a young woman (in her twenties) who meets her estranged father and is seduced by him to engage in sexual acts. The contents of this disturbing account leave the reader in awe of the author's ability to capture and hold our attention without overt acts of purience. There is no ph...