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Balance Point - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 6
SELCORE decides to bring back the planet Duro to house the incredible number of refugees fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong attack. The Vong have agents everywhere in ooglith cloakers, which make them look like native species; and the Duros are getting restless. Can the Solos and Skywalkers keep the peace above and below the atmosphere of this polluted planet? The young Jedi must also cope with his feelings....
Shivering World
Bethany House, March 2004, 12.99, 398 pp. ISBN 0764226762 Earth is a wasteland because of the hole in the ozone layer allowing in the U.V. Rays. People live in domes and the wealthy live in space habitats. Terraforming of Mars and Venus has not been a complete success. The colonists of Goddard hire the Gaea Consortium to terraform the planet so they and their children will be able to live free of enclosed habitats. Dr. Graysha Brady Phillips ...
The Truce At Bakura
Soon after the destruction of the Deathstar, Luke and the rebels receive an emergency call from a remote planet that is being attacked by an alien race that uses human spirits to power their ships. The rebels and the imperals team up to fight off this alien menace....