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Cosmonaut Keep
Tor, May 2001, 25.95, 300 pp. ISBN: 076530032X In the twenty-first century, renegade programmer Matt Cairns accepts a job from an American freedom fighter named Jadey to crack the impenetrable codes of the Marshal Titov space station. Matt proves to have the right stuff as he breaks the code. He quickly learns that contact with an alien species has occurred. However, the authorities learn of the breach, forcing him to seek passage elsewher...
Dark Light
Tor, Jan 2002, 24.95, 270 pp. ISBN: 0765303027 The most powerful sentient beings known in the universe have been relocating humans, Saurs, and other intelligent species from one star system to another for at last several millennium. In the twenty-third century (local earth time), Gregor Cairns decides to use the interstellar technology invented two centuries ago by his ancestors to open up interstellar trade routes. However, when Matt...