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Away with the Fairies
Poisoned Pen, Jan 2005, 24.95, 250 pp. ISBN 1590580222 When Marcella Lavender dies, a guilty Detective Inspector Jack Robinson asks private detective Phyrne Fisher to determine whether she died of natural causes or was murdered. Marcella came to him a few weeks ago, showing him threatening letters she received and he told her not to worry because poison pen letter writers usually don't do anything violent. Now he is second guessing himself and ...
Murder in Montparnasse
Poisoned Pen, Jun 2004, 24.95, 298 pp. ISBN: 1590580427 Bert and Cec along with five other Australian soldiers are drinking and having a good time in Paris in 1918 when the seven witnessed a murder. Now a decade later, Bert, Cec and one of the other five Johnnys are concerned that someone is killing them off one at a time. At the inquest, two died allegedly accidentally when Maccie drowned in an irrigation ditch and Conger's van fell on him whil...
The Castlemaine Murders
Poisoned Pen, Sept 2004, 24.95, 248 pp. ISBN 1590581172 Unable to please her father and fit into 1928 English society Phryne Fisher makes her home in Melbourne, Australia with her two adopted daughters and her faithful friend Dot. Her sister Eliza is banished from England and sent by her father to live with Phryne, but acts snooty and above it all. To get her out of the house, she takes her entire family and her Chinese lover Lin Chung to the L...