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Arc of Justice
Arc of Justice is the story of Ossian Sweet, an African American doctor, who was convicted of murder in the 1920's. Ossian Sweet was born in Florida. When Sweet was just thirteen years old his parents sent him North to get an education. He moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1921 and established a successful medical practice. Dr. Sweet and his wife decided to purchase a home in Detroit in 1925. He had enough money to purchase the home, even though the o...
Braving The Waves - Rockaway Rises And Rises Again
The true story of men from Rockaway who raced to save others on September 11th and then faced more tragedy two months later when Flight 587 crashed in their own neighborhood. The poignant, ironic, tragic, and heroic connections between the two events distinguishes it from other 9-11 books. BRAVING THE WAVES will stand alone because it puts a small town face on a national nightmare....