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A Thousand Splendid Suns
Mariam is the daughter of a wealthy married man and a servant. Her poverty and her status as a "harami", an illegitimate child, place her in a very lowly position in Afghanistan's culture. At fifteen, she is forced into a loveless marriage with the shoemaker Rasheed, a callous and selfish man. Rasheed eventually takes a second wife, Laila. While Mariam is initially jealous, she eventually develops a loving, sisterly bond with this woman. Laila marries Ra...
And the Mountains Echoed
The reader is first introduced to Pari, a very young girl who has a love for bird feathers and her brother, Abdullah, who feels very protective of his sister since their mother died. The young siblings from Afghanistan are soon going to be separated due to circumstances beyond their control. Their father, Saboor, has tried to help Abdullah understand why this must be by telling him a folktale on the eve of the sibling's separation that somewhat mirrors w...
The Kite Runner
This story is about a man named Amir, who tells the tale of his life, beginning with his innocent days as a young, wealthy boy, who enjoyed playing with his servant's son, Hassan. The two are the best of friends, although Amir often regrets admitting it, as Hassan is much lower in status. The story builds a foundation on the fact that Amir is constantly vying for his proud, headstrong father's affections. Sometimes he even feels as though he h...