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Passionate Retribution
Emily Stapely is taking a few minutes break from her engagement party by strolling in her family's conservatory when Lucas Hunt appears. Luke is Emily's adoptive cousin, and he holds a terrible grudge against her family. Four years ago when Emily was sixteen, she thought she was in love with Luke, but he is twelve years her senior and he made it clear at the time that he wanted nothing to do with her, which broke her heart. While Emily and Luke are...
The Italian's Secret Baby
Roman O'Hagan had the shock of his life when his mother declared he had a son. If he had gotten a woman pregnant, surely he would have known. But one look at the boy, whom Scarlet Smith called Sam, was all it took to convince Mrs. O'Hagan. Roman was perplexed, cause if he had bedded the fiery, sexy lady, he would never had forgotten about her. Nevertheless, he took a hair sample for DNA paternity testing. The eccentric, gorgeous Italian had the nerve ...