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Keeper of the Night
Isabel likes to believe that her mother died peacefully, but she must come to grips with the fact that her mother killed herself. And ever since then her younger brother and sister have been doing strange things. Her brother has been carving words on his wall, and begins cutting himself, and Isabel's little sister has been wetting the bed, and Tata (her father) has been distant, avoiding spending time with the children. It takes Frankie going to a psyc...
My Louisiana Sky
Tiger Ann Parker lives with her grandmother and her parents in the small town of Saitter, Louisiana. Tiger is a straight A student which is surprising, because both her parents are slow. The summer before Tiger enters the seventh grade, she finds herself becoming more and more embarrassed, especially about her mother, who has the mind of a six year old. Tiger wishes her mother could be more like her aunt Dorie Kay, who lives in Baton Rouge and is smart...