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Chloris and the Creeps
Eight year old narrator Jenny Carpenter attempts to deal with her mother's romantic interests three years after the suicide of her father. The story is complicated by Jenny's eleven year old sister Chloris, who is still very much attached to her father, obviously disturbed by his death and by her parent's previous divorce. Chloris rebels against her mother and systematically attempts to sabotage all her romantic prospects, believing that all men (with th...
Chloris and the Freaks
This sequel to Kin Platt's "Chloris and the Creeps" is narrated by twelve year old Jenny Carpenter. Four years after Jenny's mom's marriage to Mexican artist, Fidel Mancha, their marriage is in trouble. Jenny's sister Chloris, still obsessed with the suicide of her biological father, resumes her efforts to ruin her mother's marriage. Jenny sees Fidel as a father-figure and struggles to improve his relationship with her mother while Chloris' attempts to ...
The Blue Man
Steve Forrester is a teen who goes to work at his uncle's hotel in Maine for the summer. Just as his training is done, his first guest appears. When Steve takes the man his towels, Steve discovers that the man's body is entirely blue--a vivid, bright blue, rather than the purple of a person with circulatory problems. The next morning, the man runs off without paying for his room, and he seems to have killed Steve's uncle. The man stole one family car, an...