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Growth of the Soil
In the mountains of Norway, Isak is a pioneer, clearing away land in an uninhabited forest to build a home. He is soon joined by Inger, a woman with a facial deformity, but with a good work ethic. They marry, and their children, Eleseus and Sivert, grow up on the estate Isak is continually building, known as Sellenraa. But their cozy life is disrupted when Inger is imprisoned for committing infanticide. She returns after 5 years, and life at Sellenra...
The Hunger
This novel is set in Oslo, Norway. It is the year 1890, and the narrator, who never reveals his name, has come to this city in pursuit of a career as a writer. The story stretches over the course of just a few months, in which this young man struggles against starvation, homelessness, and emotional breakdown for the sake of his art. Existing on the little money he earns with the selling of the occasional article to the local paper, and the pawning ...