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Battle Royale (Science Fiction)
Shuya Nanahara is your average ninth grader into sports and playing rock and roll on his electric guitar, but his life will forever altered when he and his ninth grade class is chosen to fight this year's Battle Royale Program. The program is a timed "game"."Contestants" are given a kit containing a water, food and a weapon; then set loose on an deserted island with the explict instructions to kill each other until there is only one survivor. Some will ...
Battle Royale (Thriller/Action)
In the near future, there is a group of countries ruled by an unseen dictator called The Greater Republic of East Asia. Many things such as rock music and even certain imported shoes are banned and can only be bought through the black market. Every two years the "government" holds a competion simply called The Program. Every school in the country is entered in a lottery to compete on the Program. The winner will never have to pay for anything for the...