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Desert Triangle
Marcie is very happily married to Steve, but sparks fly when she meets her new boss. How can she even think of being with him when she loves Steve? Can she really love two men at once? It takes a trip to Las Vegas and an interesting present from Steve for her to find out... Annette Gisby, author of Silent Screams...
Emails from the Edge (Biography)
A picture postcard description of the exotic land of the Far East and her husband's job lured Margie Tovrea to Japan in June 1997. Past international assignments had landed them in St. Croix in the U. S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, Panama, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. But nothing had prepared Margie for the isolation she would face in Japan. The only English words that reached her ears were those uttered by her husband, Stan, and television's CNN Internationa...
Emails from the Edge (Literature)
When friendship spans the oceans - Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife) provides a rare glimpse into the life of an American woman struggling to live in a foreign and alien land. Her life is played against the life of her friend back in the States. Emails from the Edge is a collection of actual emails exchanged between Margie, who was living in Japan, and Sandy, who was living in Houston. To Margie, it seemed a fair exchange to share he...