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Design Image, Dec 2000, 15.95, 431 pp. ISBN: 1891946064 Definitely not the Cubs or White Sox in several decades or even the Bears in fifteen years. Perhaps not even Jordan has taken Chicago the way the “nightclub extraodinaire” GOTHIQUE has taken control of the city. The rock group Chicago and super athletes like MJ, the Fridge, or Thomas may have had groupies, but nothing that compares to the new owners of GOTHIQUE. The silent partners in...
Waiting for the 400
Design Image, 2003 ISBN: 1891946145 In 1955 in a Chicago rail station, Sheila Lindstron looks like any other girl heading to her track. However, this time Sheila will not stick out in the crowd when she apparently commits suicide in the bathroom holding a ticket to the last stop of the Northbound Flambeau 400, Watersmeet, Michigan. Four hundred miles due north of Chi-Town, station master Jess Burton knows that the seemingly isolated and small...