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The Lone Princess of Tentaliegh
Princess Layla Abbel of Tentaleigh lives a perfect and secluded life, free of anything bold or adventurous. But there are only two problems. Layla is a natural tomboy, who enjoys anything that has to do with skirmishing or getting dirty. And, she is the only princess of Tentaleigh, causing everyone to expect a perfectly stitched, regal future Queen out of her. But how can Layla live up to those prospects with fingers that itch to hold a sword? D...
Two Eyes
Based on the Grimms Fairy Tale "One eye, Two eyes, Three eyes", Cali is the only human around with only two eyes. The rest of society has three or more. Because of her difference, she is enslaved much like cinderella to her mother and sisters. Her family tries to get rid of her numerous times, but no one can seem to put up with her. Until, one day Sir Jraseph, the kings most favourable knight, takes interest in her and sweeps her off to his cas...