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Cane River (Literature)
This book deals with three generations of slaves owned by Francoise Derbanne. The Derbanne plantation was located in Cane River, Louisiana. Suzette - who will grow up envying the Ones with Last Names - is a house slave of the age of nine when she first comes face to face with the reality of her family's situation. Until that point, she's been the best friend of the plantation owner's daughter. She spends her days in the Derbanne's home, which not...
Cane River (Biography)
The author fictionalizes actual events of her Afro-Creole family in Cane River of Louisiana. Four generations of women make the most of their enslaved lives enduring both rape and true love with white slave owners. There is a dignity about these women who stand up for their rights and the rights of their children to not only be free but to be recognized for their talents and to assure economic security....