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Scamming the Birdman
Dr. Purdue and his gang of manic Mannhatanites are back. It's the summer after The Music Box Murders and Doc's friend and wealthy Musical Snuff Box collector is not having a good day. He's just gotten home to discover that: A. His wife has been having an affair with Vincent "The Birdman" LaPriore, a rather violent collector of bird autmotons. B. His wife has stolen the Snuff Box collection and Hugh's proof of ownership. And C. She is in the ER with 9 to...
The Music Box Murders
Dr. Thomas Purdue's Christmas Holidays aren't going as planned. They started with a call from his music box picker, Broadway Schwartz. Its seems that Schwartz, while scoping an antique store, stumbled on a rare swiss rigid notation music box. Thomas goes to the dealer and buys the music and gets an interesting bit information. The seller gave the dealer a false name, the name of the music box restorer and Thomas' best friend Charles "Shackey" O'Shacker....