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Nightmare Logic
Five Star, Mar 2004, 25.95, 222 pp. ISBN: 1594140375 Computer guru Jonathan Hayes loves his wife Joan with his soul and cherishes their two children, four years old Katherine and four moth old J.J. Perhaps the only negative factor in his idyllic life is Joan's crazy ex-husband Barry who surfaces every few years with pleading for his “wife” to come home to raise their son Merle who died at birth. Jonathan's life falls apart when the police arr...
Five Star, Jul 2003, 25.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 0786253401 Non fiction Writer Jeffrey Conner considered the call from his health insurance company one of those weird snafus, but he insists he added his wife to his policy. The bank has no record of his marriage either and finally the hospital insists he picked up his wife and newborn earlier this morning. Adding to his fear factor besides the obvious abductions is that there seems no record of his mar...