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A Clean Slate
Red Dress, Nov 2003, 12.95, 312 pp. ISBN: 037325038X In Chicago financial expert Kelly McGraw suddenly realizes that she cannot remember a thing about the last five months of her life. She recalls trivial facts and events that happened to her before the curtain dropped, but nada for the previous 150 days or so. Kelly is frightened and somewhat panicked as her brain was wiped clean like an Etch-o-sketch. Bits of data, all negative begin to su...
Burning the Map
Red Dress, Nov 2002, 12.95 ISBN: 0373250215 Casey Evers seems to have it all. She just received her law degree and landed a job with highly regarded Billings, Sherman and Lott. She is seeing one person, a nice attorney. However, with her future looking bright, Casey is unhappy, but not sure why. She wonders if it is the job that feels like jail sentence, her parents' imminent break-up, or her boyfriend's toiling seemingly twenty-four hours da...
The Year of Living Famously
Red Dress Ink,, Nov 2004, 12.95, 336pp ISBN: 0373250754 In her thirties, Kyra Felis struggles to make it as a clothing designer in Manhattan. She works odd jobs and uses her trust fund which she inherited when her parents died to supplement her meager income earned from the vocation she loves. Her friend, movie agent Bobby Minter invites her to be his guest in Vegas. There she meets actor Declan McKenna. Kyra finds herself drawn to Declan. P...