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Me Since You
Rowan Areno tries to come to grips with the suicide of her father following an attempt to prevent another man's suicide. Rowan Areno begins the story as a young woman that has very little to concern herself with aside from the pained existence of high school angst. One day, while she is having a discussion with her police officer father, he receives a call that changes their lives forever. The police call Rowan's father and inform him that there is a sus...
Ordinary Beauty
Sayre Bellavia, a homeless seventeen year-old girl, travels to confront her neglectful, drug addled mother before she dies in order to get answers about her motivations and love for her. Sayre Bellavia is introduced through a series of interior monologue with herself, telling the reader about her situation as a homeless seventeen year-old girl that has to fight the elements, and sometimes other people on the streets just to make it through the day. The d...