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Crossing the Line
Red Dress, Jul 2004, 21.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0373250622 Jane Taylor knows it is time to tell the truth to her family, friends, and co-workers, who believe she is nine months pregnant (see THE THIN PINK LINE). The infant she has been carrying is actually a bundle of rags. However, it could only happen to Jane to find an abandoned baby just before her pronouncement. The real infant she insists is hers although Emma, as she names the child, happens ...
The Thin Pink Line
Red Dress, Jul 2003, 21.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0373250304 When she is late, a condition that never happens to her, Jane assumes she has to be pregnant, which makes her elated. She spreads the word about her delicate condition and everyone especially her boyfriend treats her with care and dignity. However, a few days later her period arrives. Reluctantly, she knows she must tell everyone the truth, but besides her friends and colleagues thinking she...