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Dragons of Silk
Dragons of Silk follows generations of Chinese and Chinese American women who grow, spin, weave, and design silk. The first generation consists of two sisters, 10-year-old Lily and 16-year-old Swallow, and their mother who grow silk the old-fashioned way. They gather mulberry leaves to feed their silkworms, and each time the worms are grown, six or seven times a year, they set several aside to birth the next generation, smoke the rest out, and use steam ...
When Moon Shadow leaves his mother in China to come live in the United States with his previously unknown father, he learns to love and respect his father and also learns about his father's dream: learning to fly. Moon Shadow makes the decision himself to go to the United States. A cousin who lives with father, Hand Clap, comes to take him back, and his mother doesn't want him to go. But he says he wants to go, and so he does. He soon discovers that Hand...
Spring Pearl: The Last Flower
A girl named Spring Pearl lived in China. Her parents died when she was little. A nice rich man takes her into his home so she can have a nice place to live and people to care for her. She has to do a lot of work to earn her keep but she can do it....