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Final Exit
Mira, Apr2003, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 155166660X An eighteen-year-old North Dakota resident who has come to Boston to attend school is murdered. Her murder leads to the Boston police to set up a task force headed by Lieutenant Conor Rafferty to stop the serial killer rapist before someone else dies. The FBI sends profiler Dr. Carolyn Monahan to help solve the case. Ten years ago, Conor and Caro were engaged until someone murdered her sister whil...
Lethal Lies
Mira, Mar 2005, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778321517 Popular author Faith Pelletier has not been able to write since her spouse died eighteen months ago. Though pressured to produce her next novel and having spent the advance on her husband's medical bills, Faith drops everything when she learns Chelsea, her best friend since childhood, died in what appears to have been a suicidal drive into the Androscoggin River. Worried about Chelsea's daughter fi...
Mortal Sin
Mira, Mar 2004, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320251 In Revere, Massachusetts, sixteen years old Kit Connelly runs away from her warden of an Aunt Sarah because she feels the restrictions are too binding. Sarah worries about her niece when Kit fails to return home. She knows Kit is used to doing whatever she wants as the teen's father failed to discipline her once the kid's mom died twelve years ago. Unable to cope with raging hormones, Kit's wastre...