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The Future Homemakers of America
Warner, Oct 2002, 14.00, 378 pp. ISBN: 0446679364 In 1952, the six women meet at the US Drampton Air Force Base in rural Norfolk, England. The sextet of military wives have in common husbands flying F-84s to keep the Russkies at bay. Five Americans (Betty Gillis, Lois Moon, Gayle Jackson, Audrey Rudman, and Peggy Dewey) and the native (Kath Pharoah) are bored with nothing to do and frightened that their spouse might not make it home this time. ...
The Great Husband Hunt
Warner, Oct 2003, 14.00, 400 pp. ISBN: 0446691321 Jewish fine mustard heiress Poppy Minkel tells her twentieth century autobiography starting when her father dies while sailing on the Titanic. She grieves her loss, but continues her myopic observations of the world's great events over the next five decades. During that time she married a womanizer she met in a department store. She gave birth to their child. However, his philandering led to...