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Earth Logic
Tor, March 2003, 25.95, 400 pp. ISBN 0765309521 When the Sainnites left their homeland and marched into Shaftal, they came as conquerors, believing that the barren, mostly cold kingdom would be easily taken since it had no standing army. Battles were fought, lives were lost and after thirty five years the Sainnites believed they were in control of the land. The Palladin force consists mostly of Shaftal farmers that are not strong enough to dest...
Fire Logic
Tor, May 2002, 25.95, 335 pp. ISBN: 0312978877 Though Harold G'deon the ruling earth witch knew he was dying, he failed to name his successor. With his death and no earth witch to replace him, the Sainnites successfully invade and conquer his land Shaftal. The deceased Harold's rival Mabin leads a counter fight, but the best the conquered people can do is hit and run guerrilla warfare. When the Sainnites head north and devastate the Ashawala...