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Shadows at the Fair
Scribner, July 2002, 24.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0743225538 It has been a long hard winter for Maggie Summer. Her husband died of a heart attack at the same time she learned he was having an affair with another woman. Now she is trying to get her life back on track by entering the Rensselaer County Springs Antiques Fair. She sells antique prints and knows many of the other dealers since she has been doing the shows for years. When she arrives on the f...
Shadows on the Coast of Maine
Scribner, August 2003, 24.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0743225546 When Maggie Summer's old college roommate and close friend begs her to come visit her in her new home in Madoc, Maine, she drops everything to see Amy Douglas. Her husband and Amy left their high powered jobs in New York City and bought an old Colonial home built in 1774, which they intend to restore to it's former glory. The move hasn't worked well for the Douglas' as Amy tells Maggie the...
Shadows on the Ivy
Scribner, August 2004, 24.00 256 pp. ISBN 074324956x Maggie is a professor of history at Somerset County Community College, but she toils during her time off working on her antique business where she specializes in rare prints. Right now Maggie is attending a social function being given by Dorothy and Oliver Whitcomb, major contributors to the college and the moving force behind Whitcomb House, a dormitory for unwed single parents and their chil...