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A Wedding to Die For
Signet, Jan 2005, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN: 0451210328 Abby Rose is young, rich, and beautiful, but unlike some people in her social class, she works for a living and donates her salary to an orphanage. She learned in a brutal manner that she was adopted so she chose to become a private investigator specializing in adoptions, reuniting offspring with their biological parents. When she was a teen, Megan found out she was adopted, but promised her ...
Pick Your Poison
Signet, May 2004, 5.99, 272 pp. ISBN 045121031x After their adoptive father died, Abby and Kate became heiresses, inheriting the mansion, the business and the art. Abby spends her days by the pool and avoiding the advances of her ex-husband. One day the yardman Ben tells Abby that he needs to speak to her and Kate later that evening. She agrees and falls asleep by the pool only to be awakened by the dog barking. She finds Ben dead in the ga...