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The Guardian (Science Fiction)
Mike McAuliffe, a lonely workaholic, is creating a technology that will save the star people from the evil Others - only he doesn't realize the importance of his project. Then out of the blue a beautiful woman appears in his life. At first Mike thinks she is an angel. Then he thinks she's crazy. Then, as his world goes up in flames around him, he has no choice but to follow her, on the run, hiding from an enemy who could be anyone - anywhere. No choice ...
The Guardian (Romance)
Mike McAulliffe, a lonely obsessed workaholic, is working on some very important technology. And though he doesn't know it, this technology will help to save the existence of the star people, thousands of galaxies away. But will he survive long enough to complete this project, or will the evil Others get to him first? The star people send Ava, a woman of great courage and unique powers, to be Mike's guardian. It is her job to keep him alive until he c...