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Pepper Pike
Milan Jacovich is a private investigator in Cleveland, Ohio. He gets by with a collection of freelance cases. It's not easy when he's also juggling the role of father to two teenage boys. The boys live with his ex-wife, and reminders that there is still a bit of a flame for her add a little tension as well. The Pepper Pike case opens with a late-night call from a man that wants to hire Milan as a bodyguard. He can't even wait until the morning! H...
The Irish Sports Pages
Dunne, Jul 2002 ISBN: 0312286619 In Cleveland, Cathleen Hartigan arranges a meeting between her mother Common Pleas Judge Maureen Hartigan and an almost boy friend private investigator Milan Jacovich. The Judge wants Milan to find Irish con artist Brian McFall, who told Maureen, her brother Hugh Cochran, and his friends that he just came from the “auld” country, but has been unable to find his cousin in Akron. Brian conned Hugh and Maureen out ...