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National Atomics is trying to develop a heavy isotope to use for clearing boll weevils from farmland in order to get the help of a politician in preventing congressional action to move atomic plants at least fifty miles away from cities. Their engineer, Jorgenson, has an untested process which gets out of control when he begins to implement it, causing a horrific atomic accident threatening to become even a worse disaster be producing the dreaded Mahler...
The Eleventh Commandment
Boyd Jensen goes to Earth for school, only to find that he's been set up and has been deviously banished from his home on Mars. The United States is now run by an offshoot of Catholicism, and, to replenish the Earth after the nuclear wars, has declared "Be Fruitful and Multiply" to be on par with the Ten Commandments. As a result, the U.S. has since then become hugely overpopulated. Boyd is disgusted by the society around him, and in order to survive ...