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The Magician King
After the events from the first book (The Magicians) Quentin Coldwater and his friends are now the rulers of the magical land of Fillory. Feeling restless Quentin embarks on a quest at the first opportunity, seeking seven magic keys that are vital to the land. He and his friend Julia sail across the seas on his quest. When one of the magic keys transports them back to Earth without any way to return they end up on a journey through the underground mag...
The Magicians
Quentin Coldwater is extremely intelligent but alienated and unhappy despite his fortunate circumstances. On the day he and his best friends Julia and James are on their way to an admissions interview for Princeton, he finds a magical doorway to a secret college for magicians. Accepted into the exclusive membership of Brakebill's College he learns not only that magic is real, but that there is a wider world of magicians and fantastical creatures. Init...