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Fire and Ice
In the early hours of a frigid morning, Trina huddles beside the hearth and stares into the fire. Suddenly, she is able to make out small images, resembling tiny humans, amongst the flames. The "flame-folk" appear to be dancing on the coals, swaying to some mystical rhythm. Still staring into the hearth, Trina abruptly finds herself among them. Rather than being afraid, she embraces the heat that surrounds her. Stepping out and joining the flame-folk in ...
Small Magick
LTD, Oct 2002 ISBN: 1553160576 Though she provides through logical deductions, Drey envies the mage abilities of her family. Everyone but her can perform tremendous feats. Her solace lies with her pipes, Mousie the mousebane tabby, and the great outdoors. Following Mousie and aided by the wind revealing a path she has never seen before, Drey climbs a mountain. Drey feels different inside the circle on a hillside. Elated with the belief sh...
Small Magick - Elemental II
Drey descends from a long line of powerful female mages, but she doesn't seem to have much magick of her own. It is true that she can offer some comfort to those who suffer from physical ailments, but she cannot wield the power of the four elements like the rest of the women in her family. So Drey contents herself with caring for her garden and taking care of other normal chores, finding solace in playing her pipes and taking long walks. On one of her wa...