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Kindness of Strangers
Erna, a widow, and her only child, 16-year-old Alice, know they must leave Czechoslovakia, the country of their ancestors, before the Nazis take over complete control if they are to survive. They are joined by Belo, an enthusiastic Zionist. Escape plans are made. To facilitate their escape Alice and 25 year old Belo marry. The trio travel to Brindisi, Italy, from where they plan to sail clandestinely to Palestine. The ship never comes and they are strand...
Stephan's Journey - A Sojourn into Freedom
England, France, and Holland offer a safe haven to European children in danger from the Nazis. Stephan, along with a few other children, is sent to safety in Paris. Stephan's father, now remarried, and his wife leave for America before they can locate Stephan, and plan to send for him upon arriving in America. All communication between parents and child comes to an end. After three years separation, he locates his family in Boston and they send for him. ...