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Death and the Ice Box
Five Star, April 2003, 25.95, 248 pp. ISBN 0786252332 Ogeechee, Georgia with its population of 3,412 is just right for Trudy Roundtree who returned home after the death of her husband. She is the only female police officer in Ogeechee. She visits friends clearing a dump when an old icebox flies open and the body of a dead woman is found stuffed inside. The autopsy shows that a blow to the head murdered the victim at least twenty years ago. ...
Death and the Walking Stick
Five Star, Jan 2005, 25.95, 262 pp. ISBN 1410402096 There isn't much violent crime in the Georgia town Ogeechee (pop 3,000) so when octogenarian Althea Boatright runs over Charles Sykes of Jesup, Georgia the police think it is an accident due to poor eyesight, poor motor coordination and her dog sleeping on the gas pedal. They yank her license but don't put her in jail. A few days later Althea is found dead in her home; chief of police Henry Hu...