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A Twilight Clear
In the 12th century England, a warrior returns home to the lady he wed and the child she bore him. As a soldier in the King's service, he can stay only as long as his dangerous secret mission permits. That mission imperils his family, but the wife he loves with tenderness not only understands his dilemma but aids him in the moment of danger. ...
Night Fires
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine rewards a knight, returned from the Crusades, with two keeps, land, and a bride. To claim all, he must uncover his new wife's dark secret and embark on a mission that endangers not only his happiness and future, but his life, as well as the lives of those he holds dear....
Silver Wind
Adeline, held hostage in Normandy for five years, must agree to spy on a traitorous Norman knight in order to be allowed to return to her father, a Welsh Chieftain. The Norman, Simon, guards his own secrets but agrees to wed the beautiful Adeline. Tension, treachery, and mortal danger are obstacles only true love and high nobility of spirit could overcome....