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Chat Room
Multnomah, Oct 2003, 11.99, 290 pp. ISBN: 1590522001 In Maine, thirty-two years old wealthy Glynis Pigott hires former cop turned private detective Teri Addison to learn what happened to her missing best friend lawyer Kim Shock. Apparently Kim quit her job to join her lover Gil Williamson in Texas. Meanwhile, the unhappy six-foot plus tall Glynis is thinking of quitting her in town church to attend exclusively one sponsored over the Internet....
Steal Away
When Teri Blake-Addison is asked to investigate the mysterious death of Ellen Houseman, late wife of the famous Rev. Carl Houseman, she believes it will be a routine case. However, Rev. Houseman confides that he doesn't believe his wife is actually dead. As her questions stir up repressed emotions and forgotten events, Houseman's friends and new fiance pressure Teri to drop the investigation. Yet the more she pokes about, the more Teri is convinced that ...