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Ever His Bride
When Hunter Claybourne discovers that the shares of railway stock are no good due to the fact that the woman who owned them was not of an age to sell them, he has the woman, Felicity Mayfield, hunted down and brought to a sponging house for her debts. Felicity, who had no idea of the age limitations, cannot pay Hunter back due to the fact that her Uncle took all the money and left for the gold mines of California. Hunter gives her the option of marr...
The Bride Bed
Avon, Oct 2002, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 03808125249 In the middle of the twelfth century, six times in the recent past, soldiers conquered her castle, followed by the leader trying to force Lady Talia into marriage. However, the last victor came a bit to close to the alter as she only escaped holy matrimony when Alexander de Monteneau interrupted the ceremony as the wannabe groom flees. Alex needs to prove to King Stephen that he is not just a lo...
The Pleasure of Her Kiss
Avon, Nov 2003, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060514116 In 1848 Earl Jared Westbrooke decides to take a breather form his work at the Home Office to go home to see his wife Alexandria. The day after her father died, he married her in Alexandria and left her five minutes after exchanging vows. He expected to make love with her for the first time because he needed an heir. Once he is through with her, he will go on his next mission, making inquiries on t...