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Dreams of Joy
The sequel to Shanghai Girls, Dreams of Joy picks up right where the previous story left off Joy has traveled to China to meet her biological father, artist Z.G. Li, and her adoptive mother/aunt Pearl travels close behind to bring her back. Joy surrenders her passport and enters communist China, believing that communism is good and right for the country. She moves to a small village and reunites with her father. She is initially enamored with the vi...
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
In nineteenth-century China, Lily, seven, is paired with a laotong, another little girl called Snow Flower, for an emotional match. Snow Flower introduces herself by sending Lily a silk fan, on which she has written a poem in nu shu (a language created by Chinese women to communicate in secret and that the most educated of them used to teach to their daughters). They take turns in writing on the fan. From Daughter days to Sitting Quietly days, the gir...